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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ET and where can I find the current reading?

ET is Evaporation + Transpiration and it measures what has evaporated plus what transpires from the plant.  You care about this reading because it will tell you how long to water or how much water needs to be replaced to get your plant to its ideal hydration level. Every plant has a different rate of ET. Here we use the measurement for blue grass, as that is the most common type of grass in our lawns.  Visit our weather station and scroll to the bottom to view the current ET readings.

How much am I allowed to water my lawn?

Please visit the Denver Water Rules for more information.

You just turned my sprinkler system back on, and now it's supposed to snow! What do I do?

Spring snows will not hurt your sprinkler system unless the temperature drops and STAYS BELOW freezing for 24 hours.  If this is predicted, we advise turning off the sprinkler water supply if possible and opening any drain valves.  Covering any above ground valves with a blanket and plastic bag will also greatly reduce the chance of freeze and costly damage. 

How do I program my sprinkler system?

Please visit our Links page for information on programming RainBird ESP controllers, RainBird EZ 1-D controllers, Hunter Pro C controllers, and Irritol Rain Dial controllers. If you have a question regarding a different controller, call 303-788-1513. 

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