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Our Services


Call now to book us to turn your sprinkler system back on for the season. Turn-ons start at $100 (for the first 45 minutes) and include a check for proper operation of your system, clock setting, as well as the turn on of the main water source. 

Beginning in late September, we offer sprinkler winterization services starting at $80 for 10 or fewer zones. Call to schedule a fall blow out.

Got a leak? Call us or click here to get an estimate on sprinkler repairs or on a brand new system. 

Any other service work consists of a $25 service charge and runs $100 per hour with a 1 hour minimum. 

Sprinkler Install on the rollercoaster


Does your school's football field need a new sprinkler system?

Does your company want to install a green roof?

Do you have a tricky spot that needs irrigation, like a wooden roller coaster, perhaps?

Or does your park just have a major water leak?

Nobody has a more successful and varied resume than we do. 

Call 303-788-1513 for an estimate today!

Agricultural drip line


Every spring, we install 11 miles of drip line irrigation to the pumpkin patch at the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield. Call us today at 303-788-1513 to get a quote for your agricultural irrigation needs.

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